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Tuesday 02nd of September 2014

UK motorists concerned over road camera deactivation

    A new research study shows that two-thirds of UK motorists believe that with the deactivation of speed cameras, roads will become more dangerous.

    According to RoadPilot, a safety camera data firm, funding cuts in the face of the new austerity budget will force three per cent of all speed detection cameras to be removed or switched off. However, there will be more camera groups reviewing the remaining cameras, yet 66 per cent of motorists still believe that road safety will in jeopardy if the cameras go off.

    CEO of RoadPilot, James Flynn said that the recent amendments to the budget will mean that several camera partnerships will have to deactive or revise the level of speed detection cameras being used in their regions. Mr Flynn added that drivers would now have to be more alert and aware of speed limits and other motorists speeds. He added that motorists should be allowed time to prepare for such changes in order for road safety to be best served.

    Speed camera detection system’s, currently operate by offering alerts via radio to upcoming vehicles as well as displaying the speed limit for that specific road.

    RoadPilot maintains a database of international and UK speed camera locations, all of which can be located using RoadPilotMobile - which sends specific camera locations to a driver’s mobile handset. The application has just recently been made available to 26 Nokia GPS handsets as well. With the impending budget cuts, it is estimated that nearly three per cent of all cameras will be shut down, relocated or permanently removed as firms look to save money in other areas.


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