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Saturday 23rd of August 2014

BA told to review takeoff practices after runway gaffe

    British Airways has been told by investigators to review its practices regarding airfield inspections after one of its aircraft took off from the wrong runway in St Kitts last year. According to a report from the inquiry by the Air Accidents Investigation Branch into the incident, the Boeing 777 which left St Kitts on 26 September used a runway that was not long enough to support takeoffs by aircrafts of that size.

    A representative for the Air Accidents Investigation Branch said that during the takeoff the co-pilot realised that there was a problem, since he saw grass under the nose of the aircraft immediately after the plane began ascending into the air. The representative went on to say that the report found several notable problems with the takeoff, specifically that the BA crew did not properly discuss the correct taxi route, in addition to the fact that they also confused taxiway Bravo with taxiway Alpha. The report also found that the airport in St Kitts had a few shortcomings, the most notable of which was that airport authorities did not post any taxiway or holding point signs at the facility.

    BA had two officials on the flight in addition to the regular crew, a duty manager and station engineer. The station engineer realised that the aircraft was taxiing on the wrong runway while preparing for takeoff, but did not warn the captain and co-pilot of the problem.


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