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Monday 01st of September 2014

Public cars in Cardiff expected to decrease traffic

    Public officials hope that a public car initiative in Cardiff, set to begin in October, will help to ameliorate the traffic problem in the city which has become increasingly worse over the past few years. The scheme will see 10 low-emission autos provided by City Car Club and will be available for hire on a per hour basis, which Cardiff councillors hope will encourage residents to give up their second cars, free up parking spaces, and decrease city-wide traffic congestion.

    In an interview with the Echo, head of transport for Cardiff Coun Delme Bowen said that the new car club initiative is another important step in helping to reduce the city’s traffic problem. He went on to add that through the availability of the environmentally-friendly autos throughout the city, people will have an alternative form of transportation, which will hopefully decrease the amount of cars on the road, as well as eliminate the need for private ownership of vehicles.

    According to James Finalyson, managing director of City Car Club, his firm is incredibly excited to have the opportunity to run the scheme in Cardiff, and is overjoyed that City Car Club was awarded the contract from the city. He went on to say that as the UK’s most experienced car club, City Car Club is adequately prepared to take on the challenge.


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