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Saturday 23rd of August 2014

UK taxi drivers banned from flying England flag

    Kent city taxi drivers in the UK say they have been let down by the council after they were told that flying flags from vehicles is not permitted during the World Cup football tournament. It remains to be seen whether any such action will be taken in Australia.

    According to the Canterbury City Council, cabs displaying England flags would be violating rules on what can be exhibited on public service vehicles. The rules prohibit taxis from displaying any letters, signs, emblems, marks or motifs. If the ban is ignored, cabbies could have their licences revoked.

    The authority said it would be pleased to look over the policy but in order for that to take place it would require a full consultation. One cab driver, Colin Mitchell, said that he wanted to fly a flag to demonstrate his patriotism and celebrate the fact that England is in the World Cup. 

    Canterbury City Council member, Larissa Laing, said she understood that many taxi drivers would like to show how patriotic they are and that they have the council’s full support when it comes to wearing England shirts. She added that the strict rules regarding public service vehicles clearly indicate what can and cannot be displayed.

    She went on to say that it is unfortunate that an England flag, or any flag for that matter, cannot be shown. During the Euro football championship in 2004, Thanet District Council lifted the ban of flags from taxis temporarily.

    Nothing has yet been mentioned about Australian taxis flying the national flag, so


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