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Thursday 28th of August 2014

Jetstar passengers fear as power system fails

    Passengers on a Jetstar flight from Hamilton Island to Sydney have revealed their fears at being stuck on a hot aircraft with 116 people as the pilot attempted unsuccessfully to start it.

    The incident took place on Jetstar flight JQ843 from Hamilton Island to Sydney on Friday.

    One of the passengers on board the flight said that they were stuck on the hot, stuffy Airbus A320 aircraft with no air conditioning, as the pilot attempted to start it.

    The passengers said that passengers began to panic as the pilot attempted to start the aircraft’s engines, which led to the passengers being told to leave the jt so the pilots could start the plane manually.

    Obvious concern grew as passengers realised there was something wrong with the jet.

    Passengers were eventually told to leave the aircraft and board another, which was scheduled to fly to Brisbane.

    The plane was also turned back from departing to be used by the passengers heading for Sydney instead.

    It has been said that about half of the passengers from the Jetstar flight chose to book with Virgin Blue instead.

    Spokesman for Jetstar Simon Westaway confirmed that the incident took place and said that the airline’s employees did all they could to reduce disruptions.

    He blamed the cause of the problem on a faulty auxiliary power unit which provides electricity for the air condition system and other parts of the plane.

    The pilot attempted to activate the unit, however this was unsuccessful and had to be recharged by the ground power unit.

    Mr Westaway said that the jet was forced to take Sydney passengers due to the noise curfew at Sydney Airport.

    He concluded by saying that passengers should have nothing to fear in these circumstances, and passengers security or safety was never compromised in this incident.


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