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Sunday 31st of August 2014

Qantas 747 forced back to airport due to engine failure

    In yet another blow to Qantas, a Boeing 747-400 jet was forced to turn back to Bangkok after experiencing engine trouble shortly after take off.

    Qantas flight QF1 from Bangkok to London experienced an engine surge just after take off at 4am today.

    The captain of the aircraft shut down the faulty engine and returned the jet to Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi airport at 5.30am.

    The incident comes just one day after a passenger threatened to bring down a Qantas flight from Sydney to Singapore using the power of his mind.

    Engineers were investigating the problem with the engine while a replacement jet was being flown from Sydney to Bangkok.  The flight’s 335 passengers were transferred to a hotel.

    The airline issued a statement which said that there was no safety issue at any stage, and the Boeing 747 can fly normally on three engines.

    The incident comes after another long-haul Qantas flight was grounded in Melbourne yesterday after a crack was discovered after a flight from Los Angeles.

    The airline has faced a string of technical problems on its flights in recent months, from tyre blowouts, to engine troubles.

    On Friday, a flight from Perth to Brisbane was delayed after a defect was found in its wing.

    On the same day, another Qantas 747 jet from Brisbane to Los Angeles was grounded after wiring problems were found in one of its engines.

    Last Wednesday, two tyres burst on an A380 as it landed at Sydney Airport.


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