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Wednesday 03rd of September 2014

EU places ban on Philippine and Sudanese aircraft

    The European Union has recently placed a ban on all aircraft from the Philippines and Sudan from entering its airspace. This is part of campaign to improve safety standards in member states. The move comes after consultation with the International Civil Aviation Organisation and sees the total number of counties on the list rise to 17.

    The European Union Commission’s vice president responsible for Transport said that safety came first, and that they were ready to support countries that need to build up technical and administrative capacity to guarantee the necessary standards in civil aviation.  They can no longer accept any airlines trying to fly into the EU if they do not fully comply with international standards.

    When outlining the reasons for the ban, The EU said that it had been placed on all Sudanese registered aircraft due to poor safety performance of the civil aviation authority in the country.  As for the Philippines, the Commission explained that recent steps by authorities in the country have been acknowledged, but the country still needs to take further action.

    In particular, measures have been taken by two of the largest airlines in the Philippines, Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines, to ensure safety of operations.  But in the view of the significant safety concerns identified by the ICAO in relation to the authorities, the Commission followed the principle of precaution and imposed an operating ban on all air carriers licensed in the Philippines.


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