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Thursday 21st of August 2014

Asia Pacific the world leader in air travel

    North America has been usurped from its position atop the world’s leading air travel market with the Asia-Pacific region now reaching the watermark point where it has overtaken its main rival on the global stage.

    According to new data released by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) this week, the Asia-Pacific region hosted 647 million air passengers last year. The details were released at an industry conference ahead of the Singapore Air Show which featured all of the major international operators. This represents a significant increase on the 638 million that flew across North America as that region continues to suffer the hangover of the economic downturn, in particularly the weakening greenback.

    Inside Asia, Japan has finally been overtaken as the region’s biggest domestic airline market by China. The new economic powerhouse has some 1,400 craft in operation as opposed to the just 540 used by Japan. In terms of seat sales, Japan’s weekly total of 2.6 million in 2009 paled in comparison with the 5.7 million recorded by China. Giovanni Bisignani, speaking to conference delegates, said that the recent growth of the Asia-Pacific market will likely continue over the next three years with forecasts predicting an estimated 217 extra passengers for the region’s airliners by 2013. Bisignani highlighted the dynamic range of carriers and flying options in the market as a key to regional growth.

    Overall, 2.2 billion people flew the world’s skies last year, meaning that almost a quarter did so in Asia


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