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Wednesday 20th of August 2014

Hertz Car Hire Australia

    Hertz has 7027 depots worldwide and one of the most comprehensive car rental services there is. They have always sought to offer quality over price however through our deal we are able to offer superb rates.

    We have been selling Hertz cars since 2007 and have many thousands of satisfied customers. Our system connects seamlessly with the Hertz International booking system so we are able to confirm your reservation instantaneously.

    Hertz offer Australians a no money down service so you can book your car without spending a penny. This is true for all their depots worldwide. Even if you are in Brazil hiring a car for Ireland, you can use our system and benefit from our no money down policy.

    Hertz have depots in many of the brightest and darkest locations around the world and you can be assured you are getting the best price booking through us rather than direct with Hertz. We also convert the currency to Australian dollars so you can compare the price against the currency you understand. This is especially helpful when booking a car for overseas. Even if you are an overseas visitor we allow you to select a currency you may be more familiar with to ensure you fully understand the price.

    Our team have travelled the world expensively so we understand what it is that you need from your car hire service. We have tailored our website round our experiences so we think you will find what it is you are looking for at the right price. This is especially true with Hertz.